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VIPS create infield smart device applications to meet today’s demand for mobility and speed of execution. Solutions can include any combination of existing VIPS applications or customised solutions.
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How this Multinational company is using VIPS to save thousands in processes


Let’s begin with a quick background on our client. Operating in 46 countries and managing over 77 brands across a number of divisions, the size of it’s mobile workforce can only be described as monumental.


The challenge 


With each employee required to fill out a paper timesheet and that timesheet needing to be physically signed by a manager, the payroll process was a long and mostly tumultuous one.


The journey of the paper timesheet didn’t end there. It was then required to be submitted to a  co-ordinator who manually collated them, signed them and forwarded them to Head Office for processing.


The weekly payroll process was painstaking and left our staff wading through countless pieces of paper. Rosters were also manually distributed to co-ordinators, managers and consultants. Information travelled so slowly and the slightest delay on one part held up the entire payroll process, causing staff frustrated and putting managers under pressure,’ said a company executive.



The solution 


Upon our discovery meeting, VIPS found many more layers to this multinational’s manual payroll process. It was clear that they needed smart tools that would:

  • Reduce the amount of paperwork going to and from consultants and Head Office
  • Eliminate their consultant’s frustrations
  • Provide accurate methods of updating and distributing rosters
  • Speed up data gathering, and in turn processing and reporting
  • Improve professionalism



“We’ve now consolidated the complete process to a National Administrator role. Processing time has been reduced by approximately 90%, with all information being accessible and ready to extract instantly.”



The VIPS timesheets and rostering application allows all employees and managers to submit and approve timesheets online, using their own device.


The Rostering module allows rosters to be entered once and accessed by all authorised to do so. Employees have immediate access via their mobile device, and managers can make changes to staffing as required. HQ retains visibility the entire time and can report on productivity to a level that couldn’t be achieved before. Management can filter reports by National, State, Manager or Store Groups.

In one glance, all exceptions and variations can be flagged.



“VIPS have not only built a payroll application to our exact needs but the integration was seamless. The app provides us transparency for forecasting, budgeting and tracking within all layers of our business. The result is an advanced payroll system that is professional and easy to use on all levels.”



Last Words


“The team at VIPS are an integral part of our payroll success. The helpline provides daily admin support and any issues are promptly resolved. They continue to provide regular updates to improve an already amazing application. We couldn’t ask for much more.”