VIPS International | What’s Your Pain?
VIPS create infield smart device applications to meet today’s demand for mobility and speed of execution. Solutions can include any combination of existing VIPS applications or customised solutions.
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All Your Problems Solved. In the Palm of Your Hand.


When you choose VIPS, your field teams and managers will always have access to our range of applications from their device.   


Already relied upon by mobile workforces of all shapes and sizes, your VIPS apps will also be tailored to your specific needs.


And if you have a pain we haven’t yet come across, no sweat. We’ll create an application that solves it. Especially for you.

What’s the best way to capture customer details when on the road?


Build your customer database using VIPS!


Easily integrated with your internal CRM system, the VIPS Customer Loyalty Registration Application can collect customer details to build a customer database in no time.


You’ll then be able to generate meaningful reports and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns.

What purchasing patterns do I need to be aware of?


What does your typical customer spend – per product, per annum, per season or per promotion?


The VIPS Product Scanning Application allows you to scan product sales against customer records, fast tracking your business intelligence and enhancing your sales strategies.


Uncovering customer behaviours and purchasing trends will increase success rates of your sales campaigns and improve your return on investment.

Where are my field workers each day and how productive are they?


Do you sometimes wonder about the productivity of your mobile employees? If so, the VIPS Field Tracker Application will give you the peace of mind you need.


This application allows you to monitor staff movements, extract insightful reports – and make smarter territory management decisions. No more time wasted on inefficient travel routes or poor staff practices.

What’s going on in store or at the counter when I’m not there?


Keen to know exactly what’s going on at store level when you’re not there?


With the VIPS Store/Counter Visit Application, your team members will be prompted to enter the precise information you need to know. You’ll have insight into everything from compliance and stock control to promotional displays, competitor pricing and actual customer behaviour.

How can my team place orders on the spot?


The VIPS Order Application is a flexible ordering system which is easily customised to your business needs.


Your field team will be able to use their smart devices to receive and process customer orders – and then submit to distributors on the spot (in a variety of formats). They’ll also have instant access to product details, customer information, past orders and much more.

Did my team read and understand what they needed to?


When you have important company information to communicate, you need to be sure it’s read and understood.


The VIPS Digital Training Application allows you to distribute vital information and test your team’s comprehension via an online quiz. Widely used to test product knowledge, work safety guidelines and other OH&S policies, this application is a must-have for any responsible organisation that cares about its staff and customers.

How can I distribute large documents to my sales team efficiently?


Are you spending thousands of dollars and oodles of time printing, collating and posting brochures, training manuals and other large documents to the field?


If so, the VIPS Counter Resource Library is here to save the day. This application allows you to distribute electronic documents to the field in a flash. Staff can then access everything they need from their smart device at any time.


It really is the cheapest and most efficient way for your team to receive important materials and keep them close at hand.

What’s the distribution status of products in store?


The VIPS Distribution Check Application allows your field team to report on the distribution status of products in-store.


Managers will then have instant visibility into exactly where products are ranged, not ranged or out-of-stock – as well as the number of facings by product, category, sub-category and store.

How can we speed up our timesheet and approval process?


If your team is still wasting time with paper timesheets and manual approvals, productivity is sure to be suffering.


The VIPS Timesheet & Rostering Application automates the entire process for you. And because it’s also easily integrated with your existing payroll solution, your payroll staff will have more time to focus on other tasks.

How can I communicate with my team effectively and efficiently?


No more time wasted repeating the same message to different team members. The VIPS Collaboration Application allows you to send voice, video or written messages to your own private community with one simple action.


Perfect for sharing instructional videos on complex procedures or for revving up your sales team with inspiring words, this application brings a new dimension to infield communications.

How can we convert large volumes of data into meaningful reports – quickly?


Do you have large volumes of data to import, manipulate, report on and distribute on a regular basis? If so, you’ll know how much time it takes out of your already busy week.


But with the VIPS Smart Data Service Application, performing analysis, producing reports and deriving business intelligence will no longer be a burden on your time. This powerful tool simplifies complex data in an instant – allowing you to make important decisions rapidly.

Are our mobile workers choosing the most efficient travel routes?


Give your mobile employees the power to choose the fastest possible route to their next customer.


All they have to do is enter their next stop via the VIPS Next Call Navigation Application to be presented with the best options in an instant.


Now you can be sure your team’s travel time is being managed as efficiently as possible.

How can I access staff information quickly and easily?


Think of the VIPS People Manager Application as your central staff database. It can contain anything you choose about your team members – such as skillsets, qualifications, territories, pay rates and even uniform size.


The application also allows you to generate reports to help you make quick recruitment and resourcing decisions. And because the data is stored in the cloud, you can access all this information from anywhere at any time.

Are our counters or stores adhering to visual merchandising standards?


If you want to be sure your visual mechanising strategies are being implemented as they should, the VIPS Visual Merchandising Application is the answer.


Your infield team will be able to receive instructional videos and other relevant content to ensure consistency and compliance across the board. They’ll also be able to send photographic evidence of progress and results.

How is my team tracking this week?


The VIPS Consultant Productivity Dashboard Application allows you to view hourly sales, units sold, transaction volumes and number of customers by state, counter and consultant in an instant.


You’ll also be able to generate meaningful reports that compare performance against budget or to last financial year. We can even supply a data feed that’s compatible with your existing sales reporting systems.

How can we speed up our maintenance requests?


Don’t delay your maintenance requests a second longer than you need to.


Especially useful for handling unsafe workplace issues, the VIPS Maintenance Request Application allows field staff to submit maintenance requests within seconds, complete with photos and all.

No more filling out paper forms and waiting days on end for requests to be received and actioned.

Do counter staff members have the items they need to sell?


Your sales counters need to be adequately stocked with product testers, marketing brochures, stationery and other items at all times.


With the VIPS Orders Application, your sales consultant will be able to submit requests for replenishment quickly and easily. Orders are then sent to head office for immediate action.

How can we reduce training course administration?


If you run regular staff training courses, you’ll know what an administrative nightmare it can be. Managing dates, attendees, RSVPs, reminders and post-course follow-up can become a full time job.


So why not let the VIPS Training Management Application do the hard work for you?


Your team members will be able to view available courses and register in an instant. And your course coordinator will be able to track registrations, view attendees, send reminders and much more.

If it’s time to boost mobile workforce productivity and empower your managers with instant insights and results, it’s time talk to VIPS.