VIPS International | VIPS Digital Training App
VIPS create infield smart device applications to meet today’s demand for mobility and speed of execution. Solutions can include any combination of existing VIPS applications or customised solutions.
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Welcome to the new VIPS Digital Training Application.


It’s the smart new tool that allows you to distribute vital information and then test your field team’s comprehension in an instant.


VIPS has the way to convey your strategies to the front line accurately and immediately, while allowing you to monitor exactly how much of your strategy is being understood and implemented.


The VIPS Digital training app allows you to access the online reporting system where you can instantly measure your individual team member’s understanding so you can turn your shop assistants into skilled retail professionals.



Your sales consultants are the life-blood of your brand. They hold the power to get your customers either raving about your products – or venting frustration and talking with their feet (out the door).


We know that sales consultants have a lot of information to digest. How do you know that all this material is being absorbed in the field? Whatever important company information you have to communicate, the VIPS Digital Training App is a sure-fire way to make sure it’s being read and understood.


And the benefits are clear:


+ The more knowledgeable your team, the higher your sales, the happier your customers


+ Policies and procedures are changing all the time. You can now instantly update your staff and make sure that they are reading and understanding everything. You get peace of mind that your team will be OH&S compliant at all times – no more uncertainty


+ Ongoing professional development that translates to real, tangible outcomes


While a manager can identify strengths and weaknesses of each employee, your business can also forecast future training, provide best practice sales information, all based on the Digital Training reports.


The VIPS Digital Training app increases your team’s productivity which in turn provides your customers with a better experience.


Your team is the gateway to sales, so why take the chance that they are missing out on understanding crucial information?


Put all the above together and what do you get? Inevitably the increased efficiency and knowledge of your sales consultant to close the deal, will save you money.

Here are some ways your business might use the VIPS Digital Training App within your team.


+ Test new and existing product knowledge

+  Communicate OH&S policies

+ Improve customer satisfaction

+ Up-skill your staff



Why assume important procedures are being read… when you can guarantee it?

If you are searching for a guarantee that your staff is as knowledgeable as you want them to be, we invite you to start with a phone call to VIPS today. If it’s time to boost mobile workforce productivity and empower your managers with instant insights and results, it’s time talk to VIPS