VIPS International | Retail Chains
VIPS create infield smart device applications to meet today’s demand for mobility and speed of execution. Solutions can include any combination of existing VIPS applications or customised solutions.
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Retail Store Efficiency: Your Priority, Our Specialty


Our very first client back in 1987 was a major Australian retail chain. And today, more than 30 years on, we still ‘get’ your industry better than most.


The world of retail is more competitive and cut-throat than ever before. So why persevere with old-school systems and processes that keep you from getting ahead?


With VIPS, communication and collaboration among store and head office staff will be a breeze. And store staff will have more time to do what they should be doing: selling to customers.


Ramp up productivity and sales performance with our range of mobile technology applications – many of which were designed to meet the specific needs of retail chains.


Solve inefficiency problems that are unique to your business with affordable customised VIPS applications. (We love a new challenge. Seriously.)


Achieve instant visibility into customer activity and sales results – by store, salesperson and time period.


Ensure your visual merchandising standards are being upheld at all times. No need to be on-the-ground to check personally.


Equip your team with PCs or handheld devices (such as iPads) – fully configured with the VIPS platform and your chosen applications.


Integrate VIPS with your existing backend technologies, such as payroll, point of sale and CRM systems.

If it’s time to boost store staff productivity and empower managers with instant insights and results, it’s time to talk to VIPS.