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11 Mar 2 big reasons why you need VIPS to streamline your mobile sales teams

Are you managing a mobile sales team?

We understand your challenges.

You might be thinking how much you need a sales platform which provides your team with on-the-spot customer information and gives you visibility over sales trends.

The VIPS Customer Loyalty Registration application and the VIPS Consultant Productivity Dashboard are just what you need to help your team work better for you. Help customers get what they want – great advice on your products. And for you to stay in control of your sales strategy.

Let’s have a look at the 2 big reasons – with apps to match – why streamlining is needed for you and your staff in the field :

  1. Your sales consultants need the latest on their customers

Your sales consultants are your brand.

They are your eyes and ears in the field.

Your sales team needs to have all the latest information on their customer with the click of a button. What did they buy last time? What might they need next? Which new product might appeal?

Whether employed by you or by partner stores, your counter staff need to know your customers. Storing customer sales history with the VIPS Customer Loyalty Registration Application lets your team assist customers make the best choice in their purchase and direct them to new products.

Consultants focussed on building relationships with customers, showing and trialling new products – will find it easy to be selling more.

Showing that your team knows- and cares- about the customer builds connection. Saving time while increasing sales. by using a sales platform which knows your business.

2. For a manager, knowledge is king

Having customer purchase history easily seen by you and your team, allows strategy to be developed. It shows both individual customers, as well as retailers stocking your product, that you can be trusted to understand what they need – when they need it most.

But- how are individual stores, counters or consultants performing?

As a manager, it’s on you!

The VIPS Consultant Productivity Dashboard puts you in full control of your sales operations.

Our smart dashboard lets you monitor the success of your sales campaigns, identify trends, see your top performers by manager or region, calculate sales consultants’ commissions, uncover customer buying patterns and more.

Through knowing how each product, consultant, counter and store are tracking you can plan strategy including staffing, campaigns and future orders. A targetted approach to meeting company goals.

Contact us today to book a demonstration tailored to your business.

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