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VIPS create infield smart device applications to meet today’s demand for mobility and speed of execution. Solutions can include any combination of existing VIPS applications or customised solutions.
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Data delights

05 Mar Data delights

Are you asleep yet?

Data is far from boring. It’s the key to unlocking insights, understanding patterns, and making informed decisions.  Here’s why accurate data is anything but dull:

Data is not just a collection of numbers. Well….. on an Excel spreadsheet it can look that way. But when presented in a format which is easy to understand, data is like a trusty treasure map leading to Eureka moments and information which is gold.

Data tells us stories. It narrates trends, highlights correlations, and shows up anomalies. Unravelling these stories often leads to deep insights about your cosmetics business.

You’ll know more about your customers – who they are, where they buy and what they want. So you can plan ahead.

Great sales staff will be easy to spot.  You can find ways to reward them – whether by incentive programs or other recognition.

Likewise, those in your team not doing so well can be given extra training to meet KPIs.

Reports are quickly generated so sales managers look good.

Data is at the heart of problem-solving.

Improving processes, predicting outcomes or finding inefficiencies is the key to staying in front when competition is high in the beauty industry.  Knowing what’s going on allows you to innovate and improve.

Data gathers information from the past to forecast the future. 

Easy data visualisation through an interactive dashboard display lets even data dummies get a picture of performance. So you can gaze into the crystal ball of prediction.

With or without AI data analytics you can make plans for the future.

VIPS provides accurate data at your fingertips, click of a button business reports and easy read dashboards for making decisions.