VIPS International | Plane tickets? YES Help desk tickets? NO
VIPS create infield smart device applications to meet today’s demand for mobility and speed of execution. Solutions can include any combination of existing VIPS applications or customised solutions.
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Plane tickets? YES Help desk tickets? NO

29 Aug Plane tickets? YES Help desk tickets? NO

We love getting away on holiday but when it comes to choosing an IT software development partner for your business, you are better to stay close to home.

Speak the language?

You can leave your phrase book or Google Translate behind if your IT provider is also based in Australia. And speaks English.

Complex discussions around managing improvements to your business with setting up new IT are hard enough without the risk of communication breaking down and things getting confused.

When things don’t go to plan

Just like travel – things don’t always go as you imagined – or were led to believe.

“Plug and play, intuitive integrations and self-serve data migration” are empty promises from some IT providers supposedly “streamlining” your operations. Then they make it hard to get help.

Whether they ask you to submit a ticket, follow a link to their user community or make a time to discuss at 4am your time, it’s enough to drive you mad. Especially when you need help with how to use their software now or – better still- yesterday!

As much as we wish it was easy, setting up new IT is not always straight forward – it takes time and needs extra support. Your IT provider needs to be on the end of the phone, so you can get help quickly and get on with the job.

The VIPS helpdesk is staffed by humans who will answer your call then, if needed, speak directly to the programmers who have built our software. Any issues can be resolved quickly, once and for all.

We’ve been there before

Having experience on your side makes any journey more relaxing.

VIPS has assisted Australian businesses build, then implement, new software for over 30 years. So you can be confident we can do it for you. We know the Australian market and how it operates across a range of sectors.

We will build the right solution and then make sure it slots in to your way of working – like an extension of your own IT department.

VIPS will hold your hand throughout implementation, providing training, resources and any troubleshooting assistance immediately.

Migration will be easy. We’ll personally upload your data into the new system and make sure it all works as promised.

A local solution, made just for you and supported by us.

Get in touch to find out more.