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How to achieve compliance in your merchandising

20 Jan Smart merchandising, smarter sales: powering your retail success

Position, position, position.

Brands battle for shelf space so you need to get your merchandising looking right. And keep it that way.

Maximising the presence of your product in a busy space is key to making sales.

Your product needs to be-

  • on the shelf
  • visible
  • displayed as your visual merchandising team expects – tidy, alongside other marketing materials and according to store agreements ( when in a host retail setting eg department store)

What you set up today, may not be the same tomorrow as customers and staff handle the product. So you need a way of checking your merchandising is going to plan to make the most of sales opportunities.

Sales are lost when stock is missing – or can’t be quickly found – when pricing is wrong and marketing visuals don’t match the product.

A great sales and merchandising strategy is data driven. Knowing where products are placed and how those sales are trending lets you make smart choices about strategically driving sales to maximise profits. Whether that’s within a particular store or across any of your sales channels, you will have the data to decide on placement and promotions.

Managers can’t be everywhere but VIPS can.

The VIPS visual display compliance app lets sales managers take control of displays without being at every store.

Empower your sales team with the VIPS visual merchandising app

  • View the merchandise on display – your sales team can quickly and easily upload a photograph of the display so you can be sure it is looking it’s best. And as it should for store compliance
  • Notes can be added suggesting display changes from your sales team
  • Staff can request maintenance on the display – like a shelf which needs repair or additional tools for displaying your products
  • Sales and promotional events can go exactly to plan – you can even view what your competitors are doing with uploaded images of their displays
  • Shelves can be checked to ensure all stock is present and ready for sale. Know which products, samples or testers need to be topped up.
  • Share merchandising data across your teams for a consistent approach. Then use your sales data to track strategy outcome
  • Let your merchandising experts run your visual sales strategy – all from their phones

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